Family owned and operated since 1921, our company has grown from providing residential garbage service to adding commercial services, industrial services, roll-offs and our newest service - recycling.
Lincoln has grown tremendously through the years, companies have come and gone but through it all Niederhaus Refuse has grown and been a staple in the Lincoln community.
We are here to make your refuse removal easier. From our curbside pick-up of garbage, yard waste and recycling, to our commercial services and roll-offs; let us provide you with the excellent services that we have been providing to Lincoln residents for the last 92 years.


Niederaus’ history dates back to 1921 when founder Jacob Niederhaus started his garbage service business with a horse and wagon on the dirt roads of Lincoln.
Jacob’s son Harry took over the business in 1948. When it came time for billing his customers, Harry would go door to door to each and every customer that he provided garbage service too. He has passed this aspect of customers first to his sons and their sons.
Harry was quoted in a LJS newspaper article back on December 28, 1986, that most of the early haulers in Lincoln were Germans from the North Bottoms Area; taking the jobs no one else wanted. Most of the Lincoln’s garbage hauling services are family owned and operated businesses that have been sold or passed from generation to generation.
Niederhaus Refuse is a prime example of this family tradition.
Harry’s sons Mike and Scott took over the business when their Dad decided he wanted to retire. They couldn’t keep him away though, Harry would come in and do some little things around the shop and would make sure he took his boys out for lunch every Wednesday.
Mike’s own son, John, would sneak in his Dad’s truck just to ride the routes when he was a little boy growing up in this very family oriented business. Now he doesn’t need to sneak onto a truck, he is one of the drivers, either on a residential route, commercial route or industrial route.
It’s not uncommon to see two younger Niederhaus’ on the trucks now during the summer. Scott’s boys, Braden and Griffin come out and do what their father, uncle, grandfather and great grandfather have done since the beginning of this family owned business. Keeping Lincoln clean and putting customers first.
residential waste removal as part of our garbage service in Lincoln, NE
Times have changed over the years, just as the family owned and operated business has changed from one Niederhaus to another. From hauling garbage with a horse and wagon to different styles of garbage trucks, front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders and roll-offs. It started off with a horse and wagon just hauling residential garbage. Now it's a garbage company that serves all of Lincoln’s needs from residential, commercial/industrial, roll-offs to recycling with 2 roll-off trucks, 2 small trucks, 1 recycling truck, 2 commercial/industrial trucks and 3 residential trucks.
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