For big, heavy duty jobs, call the office and schedule for a roll-off. We have 15, 20 and 30 yard units available.
• 15 yard - 14’ x 7 ½’ x 4’
• 20 yard - 23 ½’ x 8’ x 3 ½’
• 30 yard - 23 ½’ x 8’ x 5 ¼’
• 40 yard - 23 ½’ x 8’ x 7 ¼’

When scheduling a roll-off please keep in mind the information listed below:

LANDFILL & OCCUPATION FEES: apply to all above boxes at a per-ton rate. There will be an extra charge for any deliveries outside the city limits. Our service area is only Lancaster County.
RENTAL CHARGES: will be enforced after 7 days.
ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: include tires, chemicals, fluorescent tubes, batteries, paints, solvents, gasoline, appliances, aerosols, light fixtures with ballasts grass, leaves, pine needles and other hazardous materials. If any of these items are discovered in the roll-off container, you will be notified within 24 hours and charges for the hazardous materials. If damages or injuries occur while removing these items, you will be charged appropriately.
WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR: damage to driveways, lawns, sidewalks, curbs, or underground utilities in the path of the container.
OVERFILLED CONTAINERS: can be potentially hazardous. Roll-off containers can only be filled to the top (water level) or else they are dangerous to our operators and other vehicles on the roadway. If using a roll-off container for concrete/dirt, containers can only be ¼ full. Any fines for overloaded or loss of debris will be charged to your account.
A residential trash hauling truck in Lincoln, NE
OVERWEIGHT CONTAINERS: are charged by the weight. All roll-off containers have weight limits and any load found to be overweight by Carrier Enforcement would be charged to your account. We cannot be responsible for overweight boxes.
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